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Bull Chassis is a Global Ocean Containers and Port Chassis Manufacturer with International operations and locations in America and México, Our USA locations are in Texas and California to be able to provide high quality products at competitive prices, excellent lead times and freight cost to all USA.

Bull Chassis is an international manufacturing company specialized in Container Chassis, port chassis, and dry vans DOT certified, Bull Chassis has locations in Texas and California and ship to all USA, México and Canada, please feel free to contact us for detailed information about our excellent products.



Abrasive blast of all metal surfaces - not less than SA-2.5 to achieve clean bare steel. Surface will be coated with electrophoresis primer and powder topcoat. Total thickness not less than 80μm after dry membrane. Coating supplier: PPG (7-year warranty).

Brake System

SEALCO 110800 spring brake priority valve system and WABCO 2S/1M ABS system. PHILLIPS swinger glad hand 12-4906 and 12-4908, 3/8” blue air tube for control and 3/8” red for supply. HALDEX Goldseal T30/30, 2.5” stroke brake chamber. FUWA air tanks.


GROTE wiring harness, Reserved PSI and GPS connector. (10-year warranty). ELECTRICAL RECEPTACLE: GROTE zinc alloy material with solid pins. DOCUMENT HOLDER: GROTE. Installed on roadside near crank handle. CONSPICUITY TAPE “3M” brand. Installed per federal regulations. GROTE LED lights (amp connections for S/T/T lights; PL-10 for Marker/ID/ABS lights and .180 bullets for license light). The theft proof design used for 4'' LED lighting.


AXN tandem suspension with high-arch 3-leaf spring (354- 00). Pre-painted BLACK color.

Landing Gear

AXN FW32E00J with 60,000 lbs capacity, 2-speed 17” travel with low “T” shoes.

License Plate Bracket

Extending from rear bolster within envelope of ICC bumper. Plate is to contain rear cluster lights, rear fleet number & license plate

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